SWORDS Objective Statement

Many believe the RPG Emulation (EMU) community to be overcrowded. Some say it dilutes the quality of all EMU's when another joins the fray. Both of these notions we believe to be untrue. To dilute and overcrowd, one would have to encroach into the specific architectural niche each EMU has built on. This implies objectives and goals would be common for each project. Few have taken the time to put their objectives into print. So the information is not available to definitively judge one way or the other. At this time we do not believe our core objectives and goals adverserly impact other projects

The following are the objectives of this project in order of priority:

To best serve the stated objectives we will be enforcing an open development arena. All software release by this team will be under the Berkley System License (BSD), one of many certified by the Open Software Initiative(OSI). Understanding that many feel strongly on the different licenses, we will be happy to discuss the rational of our decision offline. But in a nutshell, we felt it best served our interests and desires. Please feel free on other projects that one may form to choose the license of your choice.

All members are expected to maintain a civil demeanor, if not a friendly one. Remember, this is strictly a hobby, where people are free to enhance thier understanding and insight. We want all to feel free to ask questions and put forth ideas. If one is searching for personal validation or self worth, we encourage you to look elsewhere where you will be better served.